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Where there is a flowery tree; there, also  you will find insects and bees.


is proud to advocate for African migrants victim of crimes and slave trade in Lybia and around the world

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At African Arts Academy, we believe that Africans have contributed greatly in the world's culture through art in general, therefore we need to help the young African population through education, and empowerment, and not be a subject to slave trades and human trafficking. Among those refugees and migrants, are intelligent beings with bright minds and future, but that hope, is being cut short, due to a bias against their origin and skin color, yet the African leaders spent their time blaming other people for their own problem they are not able to solve, despite all the money they receive from the international monetary funds. The fondamental of this campaign is asking African leaders to practice more integrity and to treat their own citizens with respect and dignity, furthermore, to create a law that will definitively ban slave trade and human traffic on the continent.

I am hoping that through this Go Fund Me Page, you would please help us raise enough money in order to hire an international qualified lawyer to advocate for the victims of the slave crimes, and human trafficking, in Libya, and to persecute those who are responsible, and sick reparation on behalf of the victims. This is our modest way in backing the efforts of the already established human rights organizations who are keen to make a positive change.

Please join us in this peaceful rally, on December 4th 2017, we had a peaceful rally in front of San Francisco City Hall,  from 9:00AM,  to 11:00AM, to voice out our indignation for such practices.  Join us in the celebration of cultural diversity, and world peace.




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