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Where there is a flowery tree; there, also  you will find insects and bees.

We make art, and we make a difference! @CalArtsCouncil is supporting our work through their Cultural Pathway’s grant program. #ArtsCA To establish a State of The Arts institution that specializes in the doctrines of arts and crafts originating in Africa and the African diaspora. 


Contact: Nado Emmanuel [email protected] (202)-200-6679


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African Arts Academy Awarded California Arts Council Cultural Pathways Grant State funds support: their ongoing programing which provides African traditional drum workshops and dance lessons in San Francisco.

Funds will help fulfill the Academy’s mission to establish an organization committed to providing San Francisco residents access to performances of and instructions in African dance, art and music.

African Arts Academy is not only here to help change the perception of the way the world views Africa, but we are also here to help change the perspective of people of African descent, by producing a different narrative, in highlighting the beauty and values of African Art. This is our innovative approach to preserving ancient wisdom through art education via new technology, based on the spirit of cultural diversity, dynamic growth, sustainability, social justice, and the pursuit of intellectual entrepreneurship, to serve, and empower our minority communities for  generations to come.

“We are the bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world; where innovation meets traditions.


African Arts Academy was featured as part of the larger announcement from the California Arts Council of more than 1,500 grants awarded to nonprofit organizations and units of government throughout the state for their work in support of the agency’s mission to strengthen arts, culture, and creative expression as the tools to cultivated a better California for all. The investment of nearly $30 Million marks a more than $5 million increase over the previous fiscal year, and the larges tin California Arts Council history. 


Organizations were awarded grants across 15 different program areas addressing access, equity, and inclusion; community vibrancy; and arts learning and engagement; and directly benefitting our states communities with youth, veterans, returned citizens, and California’s historically marginalized communities key among them. Successful projects aligned closely with the agency’s vision of a California where all people flourish with universal access to and participation in the arts.


Amid the CVID-19 pandemic, the California Arts Council recognizes that some grantees may need to postpone, modify, or cancel their planned activities supported by CAC funds due to state and local public heath guidelines. The state arts agency is prioritizing flexibility in addressing the charges and supporting appropriate solutions for grantees.


“Creativity sits at the very heart of our identity as Californians and as a propose. In this unprecedented moment, the need to understand, endure, and transcend our lived experiences through arts and culture is all the more relevant for each of us,” said Nashormeh Lindo, Chair of the California Arts Council. ‘The California Arts Council is proud to be able to offer more support through our grant programs than ever before at a tie when our communities’ need is perhaps greater than ever before. These grants will support immediate and lasting community impact by investing in arts business and cultural workers across the state.”


African Arts Academy’s boilerplate “Funds will help fulfill the Academy’s mission to establish an organization committed to providing San Francisco residents access to performances of and instruction in African dance, art music, and more.”



The bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world, where innovation meets tradition

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